Svenja John: Tensor

Contemporary Art Jewellery: The Dismaying French Exception

Once Upon a Time: Catarina Silva

Is Your Contemporary Jewellery Body-Positive?

VIDEO—Wearing the Colours: Jewellery and the Women’s Suffrage Movement in Britain

How To Bead A Rogue Elephant: Musings Of A Jewelry Designer: Desire

Conquering the Creative Marketplace

So You Want to Be a Jewelry Designer

Agathe Saint Girons: À Taaable!

Ocean 2050, a 2020 Exhibition at Galerie Elsa Vanier

Antinomie: Marianne Anselin | Ambroise Degenève

Bauhaus 100, a 2019 Exhibition at Galerie Elsa Vanier

Titanesque, a 2017 Exhibition at Galerie Elsa Vanier

Violeta Adomaitytė and Philip Sajet

Schedule of Events for Schmuck in Munich, 2023

Bla, Bla, Bla

The Way We Lived?

Studio Jewelry and Art Jewelry

Valuing the Time and Authenticity: A Preliminary Review of the Jewellery Work of Li Yi


American Jewelry: The Susan Grant Lewin Collection at the Yale University Art Gallery

Ariel Lavian

Queer + Metals: Shaped by Us

Bettina Speckner: Navegar é Preciso (Sailing Is Necessary), at Galeria Tereza Seabra

Exhibition catalog for Samples of Moments, by Li Yi

Worn to Be Alive

‘O’ FLOW: Concrete Piece Without Concrete Function

The Truth—Mine and Yours

Still the Ocean Sounds the Same, Sculptures and Jewelry by Bridget Catchpole

Slice: Biodigital Jewelry

Sharon Massey

Linda Perry

Melanie Georgacopoulos

Ingrid de Rio Campo

Lynn Batchelder | Remains

One World | 40 Artists Respond to Covid-19

Earrings of the Naga, in English

Oorbellen bij de Naga, in Dutch

Emily Cobb

Pei Wu

David Dao


Raïssa Bump

Body Embellishment


BARA: Cosmic Nascency

Catalog for Danish Jewellery Box

Werke und Tage/Works and Days

Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective

NOEL pamphlet GABRIELLE 2021 V3

Looking through the decor


Depths of Heaven – Catalog

Source: night and daybreak

Dagger djinn and wolf

HUNT: and Mälk


The Core and the Shell

The Very Human Production Process Of Mopa-Mopa and Pasto Varnish

Stirring Voices from an Ancient Land

Hermann Jünger: 50 Jahre V-Schmuck


Trace Collectors

In This Era of Big Data: Those Things We Do Not Notice


Jumble Gym: Playful Randomness in Contemporary Jewelry

Mapungubwe Re-Mined: Creations of Contemporary Jewellery Design

Techniques and Technologies


Everything and Nothing – jewellery beyond adornment

Earl Pardon: Joy in the Making: Jewelry from the Collection of Martha Connell

Verdadero es lo hecho: Ex votos and contemporary jewellery

Jewelry-Making Materials: Knowing What To Know


Louis and Elsie Freund: A Lifetime Creating

A Place in Time

Striking Gold: Fuller at Fifty

Contemporary Jewellery 1964-1993: Selected Works from the Helen Williams Drutt Collection

Marjorie Schick Body Works: Structure Color Space

The jewel 3.0: From Function to the User Experience

Gardens of Our Own Inventions: Granulated Gold by Douglas Harling

Everyday Ceremonies: Metalwork and Enameling by Sarah Perkins

Martina Dempf: Wood Cocoons Hybrids. Jewelry 2006–2018

Out of This World

Wendy Ramshaw: The Scottish Gallery Collection

Jacqueline Mina at 75

Nel Linssen at 80

Dorothy Hogg: Retrospective

Professor Yasuki Hiramatsu Memorial Exhibition

Catherine Martin: Resonance

Julie Blyfield: Panorama

Michael Becker: Movement & Colour


Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography

Jewelers: the Next Generation

Historias de Piel


Teaching Disciplinary Literacy: Strategic Learning In Jewelry Design

Collectiva Meeting Catalog – International Exhibition 2018


NUDA VITA The practice of collective and political body


Contemporizing Traditional Jewelry

Material World – Solo Exhibition by Ariel Lavian – Catalog

What Is Jewelry Really?

Donald Friedlich: Lumina Series Glass Jewelry

Its the Thought That Counts

ARCHITECTURAL BASICS OF JEWELRY DESIGN Building In The Necessary Support and Structure

POINT LINE PLANE SHAPE FORM THEME Creating Something Out Of Nothing

Shows and Tales – On Jewelry Exhibition-Making

The Splendour of Power: Curatorial Statement

The Splendour of Power: Queen Dorotheas Bridal Ornament

In/Animate: Recent Work by Myra Mimlitsch-Gray

Glory bound. On wonder womans bracelets

Glitz glamour and guys

With hymen on hand: probing the chastity ring

Brosche or the jewelry without object of Manfred Nisslmüller

Portfolio by Jewellery EM 2016

Sift Collection Catalogue by Jewellery EM


The Goal-Oriented Designer: The Path To Resonance

Visibility. Public sphere and private sphere

The avid mundane

Tradition and humiliation

Review of Armillaria Show at Gallery Funaki

Inaugural Mari Funaki award review

Unnatural Phenomena

Escapade Review

Review 2 Minds 2 Hands Exhibition Gallery Funaki Melbourne

Contemporary Jewelry is Not A Look–Its a Way of Thinking

Jewelry Design Composition: Playing With Building Blocks Called Design Elements

Anna Lindsay MacDonald Re: Halcyon Dream Catalogue

Jewelry Design: A Managed Process

Keum Boo

Re: Halcyon Dream Catalogue

Go For Baroque: Opulence and Excess in Contemporary Art

Out on a Limb: Contemporary Wood Jewelry

Cutting Edge: RAM Explores Contemporary Glass Jewelry

The exhibition as metaphor of social organisation

AJF Catalog of Books

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