Cutting Edge: RAM Explores Contemporary Glass Jewelry

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This text contextualizes glass jewelry through the lens of history and contemporary practice. A brief overview of contemporary usage is supported by quotes from several of the artists whose works are featured in the text. Images of several exhibited works are included as well. It is useful for an overarching look at the use of glass in jewelry today.

Following a historical precedent for utilizing glass in adornment, contemporary artists create dynamic art jewelry that underscores the aesthetic and theoretical potential of an ancient material. Cutting Edge represents the intersection of two important elements of artistic production—art jewelry and glass. Whether engaging with long-standing traditions, such as producing millefiore beads, or utilizing glass in equally compelling, yet inherently modern, conceptual frameworks, these artists emphasize the flexibility and variability of glass as a medium for expression. This exhibition is distinguished by artists who use a variety of techniques and explore a broad range of subject matter.

This gallery guide supports the exhibition Cutting Edge: RAM Explores Contemporary Glass Jewelry, which was on view at the Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI, USA, from October 28, 2012-February 17, 2013. Text by Lena Vigna, RAM curator of exhibitions.

Title: Cutting Edge: RAM Explores Contemporary Glass Jewelry
Author(s): Lena Vigna
Topic: art history, art jewelry, craft, design, jewelry history, material history, theory
Publication Year: 2012
Institution: Racine Art Museum
Discipline: art history, craft studies, jewelry history, jewelry studies, metalsmithing
Relevant Country(s): Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, United States
Material: glass, glass beads, gold, silver

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