Joyce J. Scott, The Sneak

Power Objects

Joyce J. Scott: Walk a Mile in My Dreams closes July 14, 2024 The 130+ pieces in this Joyce J. Scott retrospective span 50 years, from the 70s to the present Works on display include jewelry, sculptures, performances and recordings, and garments and textiles They focus on different facets of Scott’s practice, including heritage and […]

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Spread from Ice Cold

Ice Cold Is HOT

Vikki Tobak, Ice Cold: A Hip-Hop Jewelry History. Cologne: Taschen, 2022. This book is an excellent example of how jewelry and identity go hand in hand A related show, Ice Cold: An Exhibition Of Hip-Hop Jewelry, guest-curated by the book’s author, opened last week at the American Museum of Natural History, in NYC It’s striking

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Bernhard Schobinger, Teddybar/Huhn/Anhanger

The Laughing Demiurge

Bernhard Schobinger — Annelies Štrba April 20–June 29, 2024 Antonella Villanova Galleria, Florence, Italy From the moment I left Antonella Villanova Gallery, I told myself that I shouldn’t wait too long to put in order, and on paper, my thoughts and the multitude of stimuli I received during my visit and intense chat with Bernhard

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Gabi Dziuba, OH

Gabi Dziuba & Friends (In English and in Spanish)

Gabi Dziuba & Friends February 25–May 26, 2024 Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim, Pforzheim, Germany “SPLASH” shout the pendants and rings. “EGAL EGAL” (“whatever,” in English) clamor white gold and diamond rings in an effort to appease. “OH” screams a pair of red earrings, the letters dripping bloodily in the Rocky Horror Picture Show font. Blue beans and

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Tore Svensson, KRA

Familiar Faces

Brooches, arranged in two branching rows reminiscent of a family tree, portray jewelry colleagues, gallerists, curators, and peers whom the maker has encountered throughout his career The brooches emit a gentle sound and crinkle when handled. The artist, Tore Svensson, used veneer painted with seven thin layers of acrylic because he needed a portable medium

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Exhibition view, Treasure Peninsula

MUNICH INSIGHTS: Floating Pedestals, Malleable Frames, and a Cardboard Island

Munich Jewellery Week (MJW) is like fungi, with exhibitions popping up throughout the city. For many of those holding these shows, MJW means organizing an exhibition abroad in a space they’ve only seen online, with limited setup time. Creating a scenography entails not only selecting materials that are easily transportable or locally available, but also

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Jewels That Resist

Ariella Aïsha Azoulay is an important voice in the postcolonial debate Her latest research work is interwoven with her personal history, much of it having to do with jewelry after she discovered that part of her identity had been hidden from her The book underscores that identity can be forcibly simplified, officially obliterated. The things

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Quirky, Playful, and Humorous

The book North By Northwest is engaging, informative, and very ably researched, with a lively graphic design Its large format is well-suited to presenting Laurie Hall’s work, which often consists of big narrative neckpieces with many components The authors present individual pieces with relevant backstories, personal circumstances, and useful explanations about social and historical references

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Wrap Up/Unwrap

Catarina Silva: Once upon a Time … October 14–November 18, 2023 Galeria Tereza Seabra, Lisbon, Portugal Once upon a time … This is how many tales begin, stories filled with magical beings and other characters such as princes and princesses, wizards and sorcerers, fairies and witches. Catarina Silva, who lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal,

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