Contemplation and Conversation About 45 Stories in Jewelry: 1947 to Now

45 Stories in Jewelry: 1947 to Now February 13, 2020–April 10, 2022 Museum of Arts and Design, New York City, NY, US The Museum of Arts and Design in New York City has organized an exhibition featuring 105 works from their permanent jewelry collection of over 950 pieces. Curated thematically, the showcases are designed to …

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Have They Left Any Stones Unturned?

DesignLab #11 | LithoMania January 20–April 3, 2022 Kunstgewerbemuseum der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Germany Claudia Banz, Ute Eitzenhöfer (eds), LithoMania Design Lab #11, Stuttgart: Arnoldsche, 2022. In the exhibition LithoMania, gemstone and jewelry students from Idar-Oberstein look from a distance at their primal material, the gemstone. They ask questions full of curiosity and criticality …

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Things Fall Apart

Réka Fekete, A Dance of Light and Shadow, self-published, 2021. Réka Fekete doesn’t have much time left. There is a time in our lives when things fall apart and we feel unable to control the slow collapse. It happens to all of us. Réka doesn’t want to have a recurring cancer at age 39. She …

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Form, Function, Expression

Deganit Stern Schocken: How Many Is One: Jewellery/Objects/Installations, Stuttgart: arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2021. Like her jewelry, the title of Deganit Stern Schocken’s monograph, How Many Is One, is intriguing, stimulating, not easily unraveled, but rewarding when you pry deeper. Even the first word “How” in the unpunctuated title is challenging as it can be read …

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Sensual Attractions

Shinji Nakaba/ UBUI (First Time) November 6–December 31, 2021 Gallery Loupe, Montclair, NJ, US The historical, the erotic, and the overlooked only begin to describe the jewelry of the unconventional Japanese jeweler Shinji Nakaba (b. 1950). The artist was virtually unknown in the West until 2001, when his work began to achieve wider recognition.[1] As …

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Exhibition view, Hearts + Flowers

Why You Want It

Hearts + Flowers September 16–November 12, 2021 In the Gallery at Brooklyn Metal Works, Brooklyn, NY, US In Hearts + Flowers, jewelry and hand-held objects explore the topic or format of the souvenir in some way. The show started as an open call-for-entry curated by Jessica Andersen and Leslie Shershow. The exhibition is organized into loose …

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the cover of Quiet Elegance: The Jewelry of Eleanor Moty

A Tasteful Tribute to an Exquisite Aesthetic

Quiet Elegance: The Jewelry of Eleanor Moty, ed. Matthew Drutt, with contributions by Bruce W. Pepich, Matthew Drutt, and Helen W. Drutt English. Stuttgart: Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2020. It is a well-established fact that European contemporary jewelers are better represented with beautifully designed, fully illustrated, scholarly monographs than their American counterparts, regardless of the latters’ …

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The Wanderings of the Danish State-Owned Jewelry Collection

Werke und Tage March 10–August 30, 2020 Staatliche Antikensammlung, Munich, Germany Danish Jewellery Box March 13–August 1, 2021 Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln, Cologne, Germany Since 1974, regularly changing committees in the Danish Arts Foundation (founded in 1964) have acquired artworks from all artistic disciplines, including applied arts. Its national jewelry collection (comprising about 350 …

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The Making of a (Counterculture) Jeweler

  Susan Cummins, Damian Skinner, and Cindi Strauss, In Flux: American Jewelry and the Counterculture. Stuttgart: Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2020 The cover of the book In Flux, image courtesy Arnoldsche Art Publishers In Flux: American Jewelry and the Counterculture traces the figures, aesthetics, and techniques that blur distinctions between cultural turmoil and studio jewelry. Authors …

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The Alchemists

Helen Britton is an eminent contemporary artist whose art transforms the profane into the precious. Elena Alvarez Lutz has now turned her philosophy into a film. This review is based on the documentary’s German premier at Dok.Fest Munich. Alvarez Lutz has submitted the documentary to film festivals around the globe, so you should have an opportunity to …

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Bill Reid, Hinged “Abacus” Bracelet

Well Made

To Speak with a Golden Voice July 16, 2020–April 11, 2021 Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art, Vancouver, Canada “One basic quality unites all of the works of mankind that speak to us in human, recognizable voices across the barriers to time, culture, and space: the simple quality of being well made.” —Bill Reid …

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