April 2010

Notes on Excess

Erin Rose Gardner, Pink Things (brooch), 2009, silver, enamel paint and steel pin back, courtesy of the artist emiko oye, The Duchess 2 from ‘My First Royal Jewels Jewellery Collection 2008,’ 2008, repurposed LEGO®, rubber cord, sterling silver, courtesy of the artist Gemstones and the history of jewelry as a signifier of luxury (and decadence)

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Schmuck 2010: A Report

Schmuck 2010, held in Munich from March 3 –9, 2010, was the center of five fever-pitched days of jewelry and adornment. Over 30 exhibitions were presented citywide, representing a variety of countries, academic programs and individual studio jewelers. Installation detail, Schmuck 2010 Adam Grinovich, Necklace: Function & sense #1: Function 1, 2008, leather, polish, iron,

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