Fiscal Sponsorship

Art Jewelry Forum is pleased to offer the opportunity for fiscal sponsorship to assist individual and group projects in the art jewelry field to access more funding possibilities. Projects may seek fiscal sponsorship for various reasons: improved access to funding, increased credibility, and low-cost financial, and administrative services, for example.

Fiscal sponsorship (click here for the Wikipedia definition) is a relationship between the sponsoring organization, in this case Art Jewelry Forum, and the individual or group project. For more information about fiscal sponsorship, please reference Gregory Colvin’s 6 Ways to Do Fiscal Sponsorship–AJF’s fiscal sponsorship is set up as Model C–Pre-Approved Grant Relationship. It is important for both sponsors and projects to understand the relationship. In this case:

  • Art Jewelry Forum will act as the individual’s fiduciary agent, manage the administrative paperwork related to funds, and file necessary tax paperwork.
  • The individual or group of sponsored projects will use the funds to accomplish the goals of the project responsibly and in accordance with 501(c)(3) rules; the project will remain the sole responsibility of the individual or group; the individual or group will submit reports on the progress of the project and the use of funds.

For additional information about fiscal sponsorship, please visit AJF’s Fiscal Sponsorship FAQ page.

This is a three-step process.

1. Read AJF’s Fiscal Sponsorship FAQ page to understand how the process works.

2. Compile the following information—in this order—into a single PDF that does not exceed 20 MB:

  • Project description
  • CV
  • Project budget
  • List of the principal participants and advisors, including names, affiliation, and email
  • List of potential funding sources, including name, email, address, URL, and phone number
  • Three references, including name, relationship, email, and phone number

3. Fill out the Fiscal Sponsorship Application, using the link below. You will upload the PDF you created in step 2 into this form, along with other information. If your project is accepted for sponsorship, AJF will notify you via email regarding next steps.


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