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Art jewelry is a passion. You belong here.

When you wear your jewelry, do people wonder, “What is that?” Despite bewildering friends, family, and store clerks, you wear what you love and are a unique individual who stands out in a crowd.

You aren’t alone. There’s a community that understands the choices you make every time you leave the house, adorned with your favorite pieces.

The jewelry we love walks a line related to—but separate from—fashion, design, craft, sculpture, architecture, and other jewelry as well. We are counter-culture, valuing authenticity and skillfully made objects of desire.

Art Jewelry Forum’s community is a band of artists, collectors, enthusiasts, curators, and gallerists who love what you love. Through AJF, you can connect to the beauty and intelligence of art jewelry and the people who wear it through curated jewelry-focused experiences around the world. Join or renew your membership today.

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