July 2009

2009 SOFA Speaker

In 2009, Elisabeth Agro gave a lecture at SOFA NY titled Incubation: Philadelphia’s Emergent Metalsmiths. This lecture was sponsored by AJF. Agro also took part in a special AJF breakfast event called Curator Discussion: Collecting Studio Jewelry. In her lecture, Agro took a risky position by naming six young jewelers who she thought showed potential – three …

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Symbiotic Realms: Robin Kranitsky and Kim Overstreet – Selected Works 1985-2008

No one tells a story quite like Robin Kranitzky and Kim Overstreet. Each narrative is skillfully presented with just enough visual information to engage and please the ‘reader.’ Ultimately each work satisfies on its own merits, but always leaves the observer wanting just one more story from this talented duo, who seem to have an inexhaustible number of literary delights swimming in their collective heads, ready to become the next jewel.

500 Series

Blah, Blah, Blah. Do you ever tire of words? It seems that we are inundated with them from the time we wake until we finally escape them in sleep. What to do short of exile? Relax, take a deep breath, and use your eyes for seeing, not reading! As children, we saw with wonder before we read with understanding. Let’s recapture that wonder and open a ‘picture book’.

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