Susan Cummins

Susan Cummins has been involved in numerous ways in the visual arts world over the last 35 years, from working in a pottery studio, doing street fairs, running a retail shop called the Firework in Mill Valley and developing the Susan Cummins Gallery into a nationally recognized venue for regional art and contemporary art jewelry. Now she spends most of her time working with a private family foundation called Rotasa and as a board member of AJF and California College of the Arts.

Articles by Susan Cummins

Things Fall Apart

A Review of Réka Fekete’s Monograph, A Dance of Light and Shadow

In Conversation with Dr. Petra Hölscher

Senior Curator at Die Neue Sammlung

Paul Derrez

A Brief History of Ra Gallery

In Conversation with Robert Shetterly

Producer of the Film J. Fred Woell: An American Vision

A Brief History of Art Jewelry Forum

Highlights from the First 20 Years, 1997-2017
Jiro Kamata (born 1978), Sunny Ring

In Conversation with Marjan Unger and Suzanne van Leeuwen

A Collection for the Rijksmuseum

In Conversation with Renate Luckner-Bien about Renate Heintze

In English/Auf Deutsch

In (Brief) Conversation with Tone Vigeland

In Conversation with Joyce J. Scott

This Is Where I Am.

In Conversation with Benjamin Lignel

In Conversation with Beth Dunlop

April Higashi

Shibumi Gallery, Berkeley, California, USA
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