September 2017

On Offer

Art Jewelry Forum’s extensive network of international gallery supporters is dedicated to celebrating and showing art jewelry. On Offer is a monthly series that allows AJF galleries to showcase a piece that they’ve personally selected to tempt and inspire you. Please contact the gallery directly for inquiries. Enjoy! MUSEUM WORTHY Peter Bauhuis, Left: K9, Chain Chained, 2017, object, gold, […]

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Su san Cohn

Su san Cohn, a force of nature in the contemporary jewelry field, is an artist jeweler, designer, and curator based in Melbourne, Australia. Su san has been an artist trustee at the National Gallery of Victoria for the last seven years, ushering in its permanent contemporary jewelry section. This year, she received the Australia Council

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Lisa Koenigsberg

As founder and president of Initiatives in Art and Culture (IAC), Lisa Koenigsberg continuously brings a widely diverse audience together to discuss everything from decorative arts and architecture to fashion and jewelry. These explorations go beyond education or examination. They take a deep dive into cultural meanings, conceptual theories, and even predictions into the future,

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Céline Robin

Street view of Galerie La Joaillerie par Mazlo, 2014, photo: Hector Olguin Located in the Paris district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and with a history of attracting creative minds and artistic visionaries, Galerie La Joaillerie par Mazlo is an undeniably unique gallery with a singular focus: to create a venue for artist jewelry that transcends boundaries and

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Anya Kivarkis

Anya Kivarkis, Marcus Gunther Sketch, c. 1711, 2007, brooch, silver, white gold, auto paint, 82.5 x 63.5 x 25.4 mm, photo: Kevin Sprague Anya Kirvakis works with appropriated source images, from Baroque sketches to modern photographs. Her jewelry captures, deconstructs and re-creates glamour pieces as representations of representations, with all their invocation of yearning social

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AJF Hangouts-Oceania

OCEANIA On the final day of Melbourne’s Radiant Pavilion, hear voices from the thriving contemporary jewelry scene down South. From Australia, Zoe Brand talks about the rise of education through workshops and Mel Young reflects on the move to take jewelry practice into the outback through initiatives like the Indigenous Jewellery Project. From New Zealand,

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The September Report

Art Jewelry Forum is pleased to share the news that members of our community find noteworthy. Providing a place to share interesting news is one way AJF is celebrating our 20th anniversary. Is something missing? The success of this compilation of compelling events, exhibitions, and items of interest to the jewelry community depends on YOUR

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