October 2015

After the Fire

Exhibition view, õhuLoss/Castle in the Air, 2015, Evald Okase Muuseum, Haapsalu, Estonia, photo: Villu Plink Evald Okase Muuseum, Haapsalu, Estonia, photo: Villu Plink õhuLoss/Castle in the Air (Piret Hirv, Kristiina Laurits, Kadri Mälk, Eve Margus-Villems, Villu Plink, and Tanel Veenre) August 12–September 6, 2015 Evald Okase Muuseum, Haapsalu, Estonia This summer, the Estonian jewelers belonging

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Fun and Games

“I’m very worried about my body.” —Ted Pikul This is not a movie review. This is sort of about the objects in David Cronenberg’s movie eXistenZ. This is definitely about my weird relationship to creepy facets of biology, and how that somehow relates to a lot more of contemporary jewelry making than you might imagine.

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Moniek Schrijer: Pearl Ear

Moniek Schrijer, Drop, earrings, 2015, white bronze teaspoons, brass, fine silver, each approximately 40 x 25 x 1 mm, photo: artist Moniek Schrijer is a jewelry artist hailing from New Zealand. With a background in printmaking and jewelry, Schrijer experiments with the intersection of the two fields through a humorous lens. Pearl Ear, her exhibition

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Ulo Florack: Smashed Investment on the Wall

Ulo Florack, Smashed Investment on the Wall, 2002–2012, detail of an objectbox, acrylic/mixed media on wooden objectbox, casting investment, 14,8 x 17,5 x 5 cm, photo: artist Ulo Florack is a German jewelry artist and painter known for sculpting wildly fantastical creatures and characters in his jewelry. Florack studied under Professor Hermann Jünger and Professor Jörg Immendorff, and his work

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