August 2009

The World Wide Web

Leo Caballero and Amador Bertomeu, both from Barcelona, met in the late 1990s while sharing a studio-workshop. In 2003 they began the website Klimt02, which has become the go-to website for all matters that involve art jewelry worldwide. Last year they opened a gallery space in Barcelona. At the 2009 SNAG conference in Philadelphia, Leo gave […]

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Elizabeth Shypertt

Elizabeth Shypertt is co-owner of Velvet da Vinci, a contemporary jewelry gallery in San Francisco. (The name was inspired by an old Perry Mason television episode.) She is also the outgoing AJF treasurer. Elizabeth recently answered some questions posed by Sally von Bargen. As always, her point of view is insightful and wonderfully light-hearted. As

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Rika Mouw

Homer, Alaska, is a fishing and art community near Bristol Bay. The vast and breathtakingly beautiful Bristol Bay ecosystem is home to immense fisheries, the world’s largest concentration of brown bears, massive herds of caribou and countless species of migratory birds. Homer is where jeweler and conservation advocate Rika Mouw lives. As Rika ends her

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