December 2017

On Offer

Art Jewelry Forum’s extensive network of international gallery supporters is dedicated to celebrating and showing art jewelry. On Offer is a monthly series that allows AJF galleries to showcase a piece that they’ve personally selected to tempt and inspire you. Please contact the gallery directly for inquiries. Enjoy! MUSEUM WORTHY Ron Ho, Year of the Hare, 1975, necklace, sterling […]

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Ex-votos and Contemporary Jewelers

Traditional exvotos collection, private collection Sergio Barbieri, photo: Negro Karamanian Traditional ex-votos and contemporary jewelry both raise similar questions and concerns for viewers: What do they mean? What are they telling us? Their social purposes are different, and they belong to different worlds, but both are the product of materialized wishes: ex-votos and contemporary jewels

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Susie Ganch

April Wood, Brooch, 2017, repurposed costume jewelry, photo: Erica Bello Our final Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant finalist interview is with Susie Ganch. Susie, who works in Richmond, Virginia, in the US, is an educator, maker, and passionate advocate for raising awareness about the ongoing need for sustainability of material sourcing, use, and consumption in

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Material Fiction

Materiality and our understanding of how a material changes the way we interact with the objects around us has always fascinated me. I consider this one of the main reasons why people are excited about seeing and interacting with jewelry objects—we get to touch and physically connect to the artist’s choices to get the full

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The December Report

Art Jewelry Forum is pleased to share the news that members of our community find noteworthy. Is something missing? The success of this compilation of compelling events, exhibitions, and items of interest to the jewelry community depends on YOUR participation. If you’re a member of AJF, you can add news and ideas to the monthly

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