May 2015

Are You Trying to Reduce Me?

Creative Review’s Eliza Williams is cautiously skeptical of the “cool older women” trend appearing in fashion campaigns recently. Is it possible that in the same universe where 37-year-old Maggie Gyllenhaal has been declared “too old,” the advertising industry has suddenly accepted that a woman’s natural life cycle can often extend past adolescence? Before grown-up women

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Alain Servais: “Money Is Spoiling Things”

Bike commuter Alain Servais has declared that “money is spoiling things” in an interview with Artspace Magazine. The investment banker-turned-collector loosens his cravat and dishes on the House of Cards-level backchanneling and machinations at work in the contemporary art market. Servais points to a lack of education and an abundance of money driving purchasing decisions

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Between the Lines: Kat Cole, Donna D’Aquino, and Jane Groover

The phrase “between the lines” conjures all kinds of associations—from films, songs, albums and books of the same name—to its definition of inferring meaning that’s not explicitly stated—to a literal reference to the use of line in making. Interpreting this theme, Between the Lines, for the current show at Taboo Studio, was the task of

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Body Jewels

Exhibition view, Body Jewels, 2015, TextielMuseum, Tilburg, The Netherlands, photo: Michel Zoeter Body Jewels March 29, 2014–March 15, 2015 TextielMuseum, Tilburg, The Netherlands Body Jewels The most direct “body” adornments must be tattoos and piercings. However, one layer up and away from the skin and you are looking at textiles that envelop us from birth

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AVID Gallery

Avid Gallery is a recent addition to our list of galleries representing studio jewelers. It’s new to us, but has been around for many years. The new owner, Judith Carswell, gives us a bit of its history and her thoughts on the gallery and contemporary jewelry. New Zealand is emerging as a strong presence and

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Royal Peanuts

19th-century puntbellen from Cadzand, in Zeelandic Flanders, gold, 70 mm estimated height, courtesy Dekker Antiquairs, Amsterdam Queen Máxima attends a lesson on money management as honorary president of the platform Wiser in money matters (part of Money Week 2015), Amsterdam, the Netherlands, March 13, 2015, photo: Frank van Beek / Hollandse Hoogte

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Embellished For Effect

The body provides a site where various approaches to, and forms of, embellishment intersect in numerous interesting ways. The 21st century has now seen the perfect fusion of disposable jewelry and temporary tattoo. Steampunk science teachers are utilizing the Tesla coil to brand the skin. The Mint Museum’s Body Embellishment show is the first museum

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