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Lucie Janku, Prague, Czech Republic

Work Space nº8

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Welcome to my bench! I am an amateur jeweler and silversmith. I have chosen jewelry as the best way of expressing myself. After drawing and ceramics, I finally settled down behind my modest “jeweler’s bench” at home. While my boyfriend is preparing dinner, I set up my bench on the kitchen table and switch from the day’s rush into creative mode. I have a plain collection of only the most necessary silversmith tools. First because of the very limited space—remember, I’m in the kitchen, and second it seems to be enough to create unlimited jewelry pieces. A kitchen is not the ideal place for silversmithing—as I’m working with fire some small damage has happened to our carpet, but the positive is I’m together with my family and can share ideas and get feedback at once. I love my working space and hope you enjoyed a small introduction into it, too.

Lucie Janku's studio, photo: artist
Lucie Janku’s studio, photo: artist


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