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The body provides a site where various approaches to, and forms of, embellishment intersect in numerous interesting ways. The 21st century has now seen the perfect fusion of disposable jewelry and temporary tattoo. Steampunk science teachers are utilizing the Tesla coil to brand the skin. The Mint Museum’s Body Embellishment show is the first museum exhibit to present jewelry, tattoos, nail art, and clothing together to examine avant-garde approaches to body extension, augmentation, and modification. Presenting jewelry in the context of popular culture as it parallels contemporary art, craft, and design, Body Embellishment spotlights a number of interdisciplinary and innovative artists, including 2014 AJF Artist Award finalist Lauren Kalman, recent AJF interviewee Mi-Ah Rödiger, Jennifer Trask, and Nora Fok.

Lauren Kalman, But If the Crime Is Beautiful... Hood, image: artist
Lauren Kalman, But If the Crime Is Beautiful… Hood, image: artist


  • The current AJF Staff Writer is Dina Noto. In the past, our staff writers have included Susan Cummins, Bonnie Levine, and Kerianne Quick, among others. 

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