November 2019

Beppe Kessler: A Painter Who Makes Jewels

Margherita Potenza and photographer Daniele de Carolis recently met with Beppe Kessler, one of the most authentic and enduring voices in contemporary jewelry. Sitting in her beautiful Amsterdam studio, hidden behind the sturdy door of a former primary school and facing the placid waters of the Wittenburgervaart canal, Kessler talked about her latest projects, her …

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Yvonne Montoya, AJF’s executive director; Raïssa Bump, jewelry artist and AJF board co-chair; AJF board member Bonnie Levine; MJ Tyson; and Mobilia Gallery all sent in photos from New York City Jewelry Week. Thanks so much! Click on the photos to learn about what they show.

Love Jönsson on Smyckoteket (Jewelibrary)

Besides books, some libraries lend framed reproductions of art for their patrons to hang in their homes. Subscription services loan designer clothing and purses, as well as scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry, for a monthly or per-item fee. Other companies specialize in renting out high-end jewelry and luxury timepieces. The Danish Arts Foundation, meanwhile, loans pieces …

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The November Report

Art Jewelry Forum is pleased to share the news that members of our community find noteworthy. Is something missing? The success of this compilation of compelling events, exhibitions, and items of interest to the jewelry community depends on YOUR participation. If you’re a member of AJF, you can add news and ideas to the monthly …

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