June 2016

Amanda Triossi: Glittering Objects and Brilliant People

Wallace Chan, Stilled Life, brooch, titanium, imperial jadeite, lavender jadeite, ruby, diamond, fancy colored diamond, 60 x 170 x 50 mm, photo: courtesy of Wallace Chan, Hong Kong In the fine jewelry realm, Amanda Triossi is a well-known jewelry historian who has worked at Sotheby’s and Bulgari during her prolific and multifaceted career. In this […]

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Made Together

Rirkrit Tiravanija, Soup/No Soup, 2012, Grand Palais, Paris, during which the artist transformed part of the Grand Palais into a huge, twelve-hour banquet serving only Tom Kha soup, photo: Marc Sanchez “In reaction against commodification in the art world, the relational paradigm read art in terms of its audience relations. The artist was no longer

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On Collecting

Why and how do people and institutions collect contemporary objects, whether design, art, ceramics, textiles, wood, or jewelry? The answers to these questions are of course manifold, but one thing is for sure: There is big difference between private and public collecting in the US and Europe, and the art and design fairs are playing

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Marion Fulk

Marion Fulk wearing pieces by (clockwise, from top left): Idiots, David Bielander, Jennifer Trask, and Hanna Hedman, photo: Laura Smoller Marion Fulk is an avid and discerning jewelry collector. She happily travels the world from her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas, in search of new jewelry discoveries. She prefers extensive walking and navigating of public

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886 Bench: Bubble Land

From left to right: Heng Lee, Yung-Huei Chao, Han-Chieh (Joy) Chuang, Ying-Hsun (Zita) Hsu, Mei-Fang Chiang, Wen-Miao Yeh, Cai-Xuan Wu (Molly), Ying-Hsiu Chen, photo: anonymous 886 Bench is a collective of 10 emerging jewelry artists from Taiwan, a subtropical island known for its semiconductor chips and complicated relationship with China. The group has exhibited at

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Notes From the Border

The Narva Art Residency (entrance hall), Narva, Estonia, photo: Liina Lelov KAФEDRA: Exhibition by the Department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing April 30–May 29, 2016 Narva Art Residency, Narva, Estonia KAФEDRA is a multifaceted exhibition showcasing the work of the department of jewelry and blacksmithing at the Estonian Academy of Arts. It was organized by Kadri

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Nikki Couppee: Hologems

Nikki Couppee, Diffraction Necklace, 2016, Plexiglas, brass, leather, film, 216 x 178 x 6 mm, photo: artist The jewelry of Oakland-based Florida native Nikki Couppee employs vibrant colors and illusory surfaces that simultaneously evoke preciousness while coyly giving it the finger. In this conversation, Couppee discusses the underlying nostalgic impulses and material fascinations in her

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