August 2018

Christine Clark

  Christine Clark, Give, 2017, installation, cast concrete, steel, flock, room dimensions 6.1 x 4.6 m, photo: Stephen Funk Christine Clark, a force of nature in the metal arts field, is known for her voluminous sculptures constructed from steel wire. Currently the head of the metals department at Oregon College of Art and Craft, Clark […]

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Toni Greenbaum: 20th-Century American Jewelry

An influential and passionate advocate of art jewelry, Toni Greenbaum is an art historian who specializes in modern and contemporary jewelry. Not only does she lecture internationally and teach Theory and Criticism of Contemporary Jewelry at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, she has also written many articles and books, including Messengers of Modernism: American

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Art Jewelry Forum Seeks Executive Director

San Francisco, California, USA—Founded in 1997, Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) is an international organization with a mission to advocate for the international field of contemporary art jewelry through education, appreciation, and support for the field. This dynamic mission is carried out through publications, through national and international travel programs, and other events—all aimed at stimulating

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Lin Cheung

Lin Cheung, Delayed Reactions—Confused, Speechless, Fallen, 2017, brooches, lapis lazuli, gold, each 51 x 9 mm, photo: artist Lin Cheung’s work is certain to spark discussions. From her Friend or Foe necklace, the Room Temperature object, her published books, and installations to her latest Delayed Reactions brooches and Keep series, Lin’s work is a commentary

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On Offer

Art Jewelry Forum’s extensive network of international gallery supporters is dedicated to celebrating and showing art jewelry. On Offer is a monthly series that allows AJF galleries to showcase a piece that they’ve personally selected to tempt and inspire you. Please contact the gallery directly for inquiries. Enjoy! MUSEUM WORTHY Coco Sung, Pheromon, Oxy, Sero,

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The August Report

Art Jewelry Forum is pleased to share the news that members of our community find noteworthy. Providing a place to share interesting news is one way AJF is celebrating our 20th anniversary. Is something missing? The success of this compilation of compelling events, exhibitions, and items of interest to the jewelry community depends on YOUR

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