March 2016

Anna Norrgrann: Flow

Pile of Anna Norrgrann’s A4 aluminum sheets/necklaces in her studio, photo: artist Anna Norrgrann, an emerging Swedish jewelry artist, is already making waves as the 2015 Graduate of the Year at Klimt02 and by exhibiting her collection of deceptively simple jewelry in the Netherlands, Spain, and China. In this interview, we talk about Anna’s favored […]

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We Are All in This Together. We Are Not in This Together.

Exhibition view, Germany’s Upcoming Talents—GUT, 2016, work in foreground by Nadja Soloviev, Galerie Biró Junior at Galerie Royal, Munich, photo: Benjamin Lignel Art Jewelry Forum has just published three reviews, one video, and four Best of articles dedicated to Munich Jewelry Week (MJW): That adds up to eight pieces of writing, out of the roughly

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Carlier Makigawa: Morphology

Carlier Makigawa, Rings, 2016, necklace, 18-karat gold, blackened silver, photo: Fred Kroh The visual presence of Carlier Makigawa’s jewelry is situated comfortably between purely precise architectural constructions and organic geological formations. In this interview, the artist discusses her latest works, on view at Gallery Funaki, and her intuitive process for creating dynamic structural compositions in

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Money, Number, Matter

Exhibition view, (IM)PRINT, 2016, easy!upstream, Munich, photo: the (IM)PRINT Team (IM)PRINT February 24–28, 2016 easy!upstream, Munich, Germany Curated by Beatrice Brovia, Nicolas Cheng, Hanna Hedman, and Kajsa Lindberg They say that money makes the world go round but, really, it is printing that deserves this accolade. In a literal sense the banknotes and coins of

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To Be Continued

Patti Bleicher, Thomas Gentille, and Petra Hölscher, Die Neue Sammlung—The Design Museum, Munich, photo: AJF The overview of Thomas Gentille’s work at the Neue Sammlung provided an unprecedented access to the American artist’s 50-year career, and an excellent opportunity to revisit our understanding of his work. Minimal, formalistic, two-dimensional: These are some of the qualities

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Thomas Gentille: Untitled and Unknowable

Thomas Gentille, Untitled. Thomas Gentille. American Jeweler, 2016, foreground work: two pins in plexiglass and plywood (left) and aircraft plywood, industrial glass, maple and pigment (right), Die Neue Sammlung—The Design Museum, Munich, photo: Benjamin Lignel Untitled. Thomas Gentille. American Jeweler February 27–June 5, 2016 Die Neue Sammlung—The Design Museum, Munich, Germany Untitled. Without a name.

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10 Best Newcomers at Munich Jewelry Week 2016

Schmuck has become a golden opportunity for new talents to reach out to a diverse, international audience. This category is pretty self-explanatory. Here we asked the jury to search for new talents in the field—a student, a new graduate, or an artist who still hasn’t gotten the recognition they deserve. With the participation of Berndt

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