November 2016

Erin S. Daily, Steven Gordon Holman, and Brian Weissman

Andy Lowrie, Leaf Demon, 2016, brooch, paint, copper, sterling silver, stainless steel pin, 100 x 105 x 30 mm, photo: Michelle Bowden The co-founders of Brooklyn Metal Works, Erin Daily and Brian Weissman, teamed up with jewelry artist Steven Holman to curate an exhibition that explores humankind’s oscillation between autonomy and spiritual influence. From rabbit […]

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Rebecca Hannon: Contemporary Camouflage

Rebecca Hannon, Wave Necklace, 2016, laminate, 960 x 60 x 60 mm, photo: Andrea Wagner The brightly colored, interlocking, laminate shapes that form the perplexingly composed necklaces and brooches in Rebecca Hannon’s recent exhibition Contemporary Camouflage are the result of investigations into the effects color has on form, and the complex configurations made possible through laser

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Carolina Apolonia: Of Things Unknown but Longed for Still

Outdoor view, Carolina Apolonia’s studio, Middelburg, Netherlands, photo: Galerie Beyond Carolina Apolonia is a jeweler based in Middelburg, Netherlands, whose work has been shown in a number of exhibitions in Europe as well as Asia. She trained at the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp, Belgium, and was the owner of gallery io for contemporary

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April Higashi

(left) The Shibumi Gallery doors and meeting area, 2016, photo: Mark Tucsman; (right) April Higashi in her gallery, 2015, photo: Maren Caruso I have known April Higashi for many years and—full disclosure—she worked for me when I owned a gallery for a number of years. I think April is the ideal model for the new

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Peter Deckers

HS project organizers Peter Deckers and Hilda Gascard during their visit to Tanel Veenre’s The Will / Tahe exhibition, Tallinn, September 2016, photo: Sarah Walker-Holt In July 2012, Dutch-born jeweler and educator Peter Deckers sent me an email. He had launched a mentoring program a year before, independent of his teaching work at Whitireia (Wellington).

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Set in Motion

Maiko Takeda, Atmospheric Reentry, 2013, headwear, plastic film, acrylic, silver, dimensions variable, photo: Bryan Huynh Looking at the work of artists from a wide range of practices—artists like Yuka Oyama, Rachel Timmins, Lucy McRae, or Nick Cave—there seems to be a surge of interest for deploying ornamentation, or body art, over the whole body of

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