United States

2Roses, Anaheim, California, USA

Work Space nº18


2Roses studio encompasses 3,800 square feet and has separate areas for jewelry fabrication, lapidary, machine shop, wood working, and design.

The two views presented here are of John and Corliss’s individual workbenches. The organization or seeming lack thereof is a direct reflection of the overall approach to creating that each artist takes. Where Corliss is very methodical and structured, John is very organic and spontaneous. Our collaborative process brings these two styles of working together to form a creative process that is highly fluid, eclectic, and prolific. On average we have 30+ active projects at any one time, most of which are one-of-a-kind objects.

Projects are worked on in tandem or passed back and forth between the two of us for a specific task, according to our individual skill sets. We often collaborate with others (artists, clients, gallerists, etc) to develop concepts, product lines, and individual forms of expression.

2Roses studio, John's bench, photo: artist
2Roses studio, John’s bench, photo: artist
2Roses studio, Corliss's bench, photo: artist
2Roses studio, Corliss’s bench, photo: artist


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