In This Era of Big Data: Those Things We Do Not Notice

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Dependent upon the internet for all aspects of daily life, we are unconsciously being controlled by data mining and have become desensitized to the security concerns of mass data collection. Through micro-installations and wearable works, Kehan Wan creates tactile data bits and visualizations that draw attention to these complex issues. Delicate rows of tiny human figures are arranged to read as text, or the constant stream of recorded personal data. Jewelry pieces are arranged into an aerial installation monitored by looming magnifying lenses. These works invite the viewer to have a closer look, and provoke feelings of invaded privacy, surveillance, and information overload. This is a self-publication of Wan’s SUNY New Paltz MFA thesis work.

Title: In This Era of Big Data: Those Things We Do Not Notice
Author(s): Kehan Wan
Topic: Big Data, contemporary jewelry, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Installation, technology
Publication Year: 2020
Institution: SUNY New Paltz
Discipline: Contemporary Jewelry, Installation
Relevant Country(s): China, United States
Material: Digital Print, silver

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