Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective

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What is contemporary jewelry? What is the background of the medium, and how does it stand now and possibly in the future? “Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective” examines the field with abundant photographs and thought-provoking insights.

Featuring some of the most notable jewelry writers and other contributors from around the world—as well as hundreds of striking images—this compelling book, edited by Damian Skinner and produced in association with Art Jewelry Forum, is essential reading for jewelers, designers, teachers, students, collectors, and art fans.

Part 1 explores what makes contemporary jewelry distinctive and investigates the myriad places in which contemporary jewelry exists—in the studio, on the body, in the gallery or museum, on the printed page, and elsewhere. Part 2 studies the development of contemporary jewelry in various parts of the world. It asks such questions as: In what ways do differences in history, culture, and society affect and transform contemporary jewelry? Part 3 takes a broader view, connecting contemporary jewelry to the wider world of adornment. It introduces different issues that might challenge established ideas, as well as identifies some present and future opportunities.

Title: Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective
Author(s): Damian Skinner
Topic: criticism, jewelry history, material exploration, theory, theory of craft
Publication Year: 2013
Institution: Art Jewelry Forum
Discipline: jewelry, jewelry history
Relevant Country(s):

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