Unnatural Phenomena

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Duality 30 & 31

An exhibition of works by Patrícia Correia Domingues and Sara Gackowska at Gallery Funaki Melbourne.

In August 2014, the Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery awarded Patrícia Correia Domingues and Sara Gackowska each with the prize in the emerging artist category. Both jewelers were unknown to the three judges (Warwick Freeman, Simon Cottrell, and Julie Ewington), but left a deep impression on them for the artistic maturity of their work.

Title: Unnatural Phenomena
Author(s): Eli Giannini
Topic: criticism
Publication Year: 2015
Institution: Gallery Funaki
Discipline: design studies, jewelry, lapidary
Relevant Country(s): Australia, Poland, Spain
Material: artificial stone, haematite

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