Worn to Be Alive

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Auction 800 x 600

The collection comes from a collector couple who have accumulated passionately for over 40 years, surrounding themselves with modern art, design and with selected crafts in all aspects of life. Everything is beautiful, not as a dictate, but as a way of life and bringing inspiration to the everyday.

The auction title is not only an attitude toward life, but also a stipulation. Because what unites all the designers represented here is a fascination with the complex interaction between the body and jewelry. It’s a matter of exploring boundaries, of distancing oneself from the traditional concept of jewelry. The objects intervene in the appearance of the wearer, change their silhouette and interact with the dynamics of the body.

Again and again, the collection celebrates the aspect of series and product design. Thus, individual designs are presented in several colors at the same time, like the Durchsteck brooches by Johanna Dahm. The Cones bangles by Herman Hermsen stand side by side with the egg cups of the same name, whose function only results from a varied proportion. On the other hand, the elaborately crafted individual pieces, such as the detailed necklace by Joyce J. Scott, worked in bead embroidery, or the meticulously crafted paper necklace by Nel Linssen, stand their ground.

The collection illustrates impressively the constant exchange between the designers themselves and the galleries. It questions closeness, but also distance, to product design, and recognizes values that are not manifested in the material, but in the concept of the designs.

Title: Worn to Be Alive
Author(s): Quittenbaum Art Auctions Munich
Topic: auction, author jewelry
Publication Year: 2022
Institution: Quittenbaum Art Auctions Munich
Discipline: Art Jewellery, art jewelry
Relevant Country(s): Germany, Netherlands

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