Louis and Elsie Freund: A Lifetime Creating

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Freund exhibition brochure cover image

A brochure for the exhibition “Louis and Elsie Freund: A Lifetime Creating,” organized and hosted by the Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, Arkansas, May 5–June 11, 2000. The exhibition featured a selection of artwork created by the married couple Harry Louis Freund (Clinton, Missouri, 1905–1999, Little Rock, Arkansas), and Elsie Bates Freund (Taney County, Missouri, 1912–2001, Little Rock, Arkansas). Elsie created jewelry, ceramics, and paintings. The Freunds’s impact on the art and culture of Arkansas is legendary; it includes the establishment of the art programs at Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas, and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and the founding of the Summer School of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Louis was also the Chairman, Department of Art, Stetson University, Deland, Florida; and founded the Art Department at Bishop College, Dallas, Texas. Subsequent to these appointments, the Freunds’s activities during their retirement in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, have been central to the growth of the area as an artists’ colony.

Title: Louis and Elsie Freund: A Lifetime Creating
Author(s): Alan DuBois, Brian Young
Topic: art history, art jewelry, drawings, watercolors
Publication Year: 2000
Institution: Arkansas Arts Center
Discipline: art history, art jewelry, drawing, painting, textiles
Relevant Country(s): United States
Material: glass-glazed ceramic, silver

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