Stirring Voices from an Ancient Land

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In the burgeoning world of international art jewelry, beset by both lookalikes and provocateurs boldly competing for attention, the authenticity and directness of Israel’s art jewelry has consistently set it apart. Yet Ursula Ilse-Neuman only fully appreciated what makes this country’s work exceptional after having the opportunity to live there for the past two years. This experience provided vital insights into the deeply felt political, social, and individual convictions of its jewelry artists, who translate their humanity into impassioned works that achieve far-reaching resonance. Contemporary Israeli jewelry is infused with the historic significance of a land held sacred by three major religions. This fact is also, quite tragically, at the heart of the conflict and enduring passions that affect all levels of society, even as bridges are being attempted to unite people in the search for a common future. Subject to winds of change, Israel’s multicultural and multiethnic society weaves together people of different ancestries, cultures, and languages to create a rich human tapestry. This article contains four themes; they’re named Inspired by the Land, Articles of Faith, Echoes of Conflict, and Expressions of Identity.

Title: Stirring Voices from an Ancient Land
Author(s): Ursula Ilse-Neuman
Topic: Contemporary Israeli jewelry
Publication Year: 2019
Institution: Metalsmith magazine
Discipline: Contemporary Jewelry
Relevant Country(s): Israel
Material: Various

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