Collectiva Meeting Catalog – International Exhibition 2018

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The Collectiva Meeting | International Exhibition 2018 event took place in Porto, Portugal, and brought together national and international authors in exposition with the objective of promoting new talents and innovative work in the field of contemporary jewelry.

This catalog shows some of the jewelry pieces presented, along with a brief explanation of the concepts behind the work of the more than 90 artists whose work was in the exhibition.

Title: Collectiva Meeting Catalog – International Exhibition 2018
Author(s): Ana Bragança, Ana João, Marta Pinto Ribeiro, Sara Coutinho, Susana Teixeira
Topic: Art Jewellery, Jewellery Design, Jewellery Exhibition
Publication Year: 2018
Institution: Collectiva - Joalharia de Autor
Discipline: Art Jewellery, Jewellery Design
Relevant Country(s): Portugal

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