Bauhaus 100, a 2019 Exhibition at Galerie Elsa Vanier

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In 1919, while naming the Bauhaus school, Walter Gropius proclaimed that his goal was “to create a new guild of craftsmen, without the class distinctions which raise an arrogant barrier between craftsman and artist.” The Bauhaus style was marked by the absence of ornamentation and by the harmony between the function of an object or a building and its design. This combination—artist and craftsman as a single entity—and the quest for beauty without ornamentation is probably what brings together the works of the duet Yoko Takirai and Pietro Pellitteri, Josef Koppmann, Daphné Krinos, Niessing, Suzanne Otwell-Nègre, and Karola Torkos.

Title: Bauhaus 100, a 2019 Exhibition at Galerie Elsa Vanier
Author(s): Elsa Vanier
Topic: jewelry
Publication Year: 2019
Institution: Galerie Elsa Vanier
Discipline: exhibition
Relevant Country(s): France

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