NUDA VITA The practice of collective and political body

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Nuda Vita is an experience of artistic production that stages the work of some of the most interesting contemporary jewelry artists. The initiative, curated by Ilaria Ruggiero, explores the value and the role of the public, collective, and political body, starting from the expression Nuda Vita, coined by Benjamin and then developed by the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, interpreted here as an impossible condition, unspeakable concept, and artistic action. Nudity does not happen as a physical condition, but as a symbolic event of resistance and sensitization.

The exhibition presents the new collections of 13 artists of different nationalities who were invited to work on the idea of the political, public, and collective body: Vivien Bedwell, Daria Borovkova, Corrina Goutos, Satomi Kawai, Anna Lewis, Nina Lima, Daniel Ramos Obregón, Daniella Saraya, Hansel Tai, Martina Turini, Tanel Veenre, Maria Ignacia Walker, and Snem Yildirim. With an iconic concept as their starting point, relating to their own cultures of origin, and linked to a form of oppression of collective and individual freedom, they have developed a body of work inspired by the chosen theme. This gave rise to provocative visions, games, reflections, and distortions.

Title: NUDA VITA The practice of collective and political body
Author(s): Arianna Novaga, Ilaria Ruggiero, Rebekah Frank
Topic: consumerism and disposable culture, disability and public spaces, Jewelry that deals with many different topics as the role of women in society, mysticism and eroticism, regimes and dictatorships, sexual orientation, slavery, spiritual identity, the dynamics of appropriation and cultural clash, the idea of beauty, the question of gender
Publication Year:
Institution: Adornment Curating Contemporary Art Jewelry
Relevant Country(s):

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