Contemporary Art Jewellery: The Dismaying French Exception

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An international and protean artistic phenomenon that emerged in the middle of the twentieth century, contemporary jewellery is still little known in France, misunderstood by the general public, the art world, and the media alike. Yet it is a discipline with a unique voice in the aesthetic debate. It offers one of the most stimulating and relevant perspectives on the cultural, social and environmental issues of our time.

Céline Robin looks at this vibrant art form, its definition and key players, as well as the specificities of its market and the obstacles that still stand in the way of its development and visibility, especially in France. Excerpted from “Ateliers d’Art: Le Magazine des Metiers d’Art.”

Title: Contemporary Art Jewellery: The Dismaying French Exception
Author(s): Céline Robin
Publication Year: 2023
Institution: Ateliers d'Art
Relevant Country(s): International

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