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scherzer_Between Spaces_Title

Jamie Scherzer explores balance between the contained systematic nature of form and its transition into more unprincipled, chaotic outcomes. Scherzer allows the material to direct an understanding of concrete entities. The final result of these inquiries may range from jewelry, to object, to print. By inking and printing these experimental metal surfaces, Scherzer creates tactile works on paper that further inform the context of the work. The research blurs the boundaries we traditionally set between two and three-dimensional work. “I see my metalwork as a surface to create pictorial images and printmaking as a way to work sculpturally in two-dimensions. I use metal as a drawing tool, expanding the traditional vocabulary of mark-making.” This is a self-publication of Scherzer’s SUNY New Paltz MFA thesis work.

Author(s): Jamie Scherzer
Topic: contemporary jewelry, Drawing, Printmaking
Publication Year: 2020
Institution: SUNY New Paltz
Relevant Country(s): United States
Material: metal, Works on Paper

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