Martina Dempf: Wood Cocoons Hybrids. Jewelry 2006–2018

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A catalog showing examples of works by Martina Dempf from 2006 until today. Under the heading “Touching Wood—And Other Materials in Martina Dempf’s Jewelry,” Barbara M. Henke writes, “With the transformation into an object meant for the human body, the artist removes the transience from the natural material, drawing the viewer’s attention to the beauty of the new artistic form … ”

The catalog has 48 pages, texts in German and English, with numerous color photos.

Title: Martina Dempf: Wood Cocoons Hybrids. Jewelry 2006–2018
Author(s): Barbara M.Henke
Topic: Jewelry 2006-2018
Publication Year: 2018
Discipline: design studies
Relevant Country(s): Germany/Africa
Material: copper, glass, pearls, silver, wood

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