Julie Blyfield: Panorama

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Julie Blyfield Panorama Catalogue-1-front cover

Julie Blyfield’s work is inspired by the botanical landscape in Australia. She interprets this in metal using the techniques of raising and chasing. Blyfield enjoys exploring and collecting plant specimens from the rich and diverse environment her homeland offers, from places such as the Simpson Desert in the north of South Australia and further south around the coast of Kangaroo Island. She works with both pure silver and sterling silver, her “preferred choice of material,” and textures the surface to create individual pieces of jewelry, vessels, and also more sculptural pieces.

Title: Julie Blyfield: Panorama
Author(s): The Scottish Gallery
Topic: Jewellery Design
Publication Year: 2016
Institution: The Scottish Gallery
Discipline: Contemporary Jewellery
Relevant Country(s): UK
Material: Bi metal, silver, streling silver

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