The Core and the Shell

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At present the jewelry maker is not just a person cloistered in the workshop concentrating on the process and production of jewelry-making for a client. Today a jeweler develops the necessary skills to promote and manage him/herself in the international context. Strengthening these two core principles of the practice will provide those just entering the field a valuable skill and the opportunity to achieve success in the international arena. The two core principles consist of making work—jewelry or something else—within the studio and creating a connection with the outside world.

The purpose of this thesis is to present potential steps and decisions a young jeweler can make in order to successfully begin their career. These results are based on the author’s personal reflections from 15 years of studio explorations and professional involvement with art projects, jewelry galleries, and the industry. There are two main sections to this guide. The first section focuses on the creative process itself and the author’s development as a jeweler. The second section is devoted to engagement with the professional world outside of the studio and educational environment.

Includes quotations from seven interviews conducted with emerging and established jewelers.

Title: The Core and the Shell
Author(s): Estela Saez Vilanova
Topic: academia, jewelry
Publication Year: 2011
Institution: Fachhochschule Trier / Campus Idar-Oberstein
Discipline: Art, crafts, design studies, jewellery
Relevant Country(s): Europe

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