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pilosities cover

Pilosities brings together three artists whose works are similar in their choice and use of raw materials: Human hair, feathers, and furs. In Haptic stones, Lore Langendries wishes to arouse curiosity by displaying hairs—fine imagery and a visual illusion. Pieces look like solid rocks rounded off by the action of nature but they feel like soft cushions. Marie Masson assembles, diverts, and recontextualizes the intimate and natural attributes of the human and animal bodies: hair, leather, feathers, and fur are recomposed in attractive pieces. Carla Castiajo transforms human hair into amazing pieces which provoke us and make us question the codes of power, gender and hierarchy usually attached to ornaments. In their work, the three artists share a focus on the tactile and the sensuality of the feminine universe.

Title: Pilosities
Author(s): Tereza Seabra
Topic: exhibition, feathers, fur, hair, leather
Publication Year: 2021
Institution: Galeria Teresa Seabra
Discipline: jewelry
Relevant Country(s): Belgium, France, Portugal
Material: feather, fur, hair, leather

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