Catalog for Danish Jewellery Box

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Danish Jewellery Box 600 x 400

The Danish Arts Foundation’s main mission is to support Danish artists and ensure that citizens from all over the country can experience high quality art. With the Danish Jewellery Box exhibition, the foundation wants both to showcase both the significance and development of contem­porary Danish jewelry art and pay tribute to the German­ Danish Cultural Year of Friend­ship 2020. In a dialogical cultural exchange, selected objects from the Museum of Arts Cologne’s (MAKK) significant jewelry collection have been integrated into the exhibition. The MAKK keeps a very large jewelry collection that comprises more than 1,500 pieces ranging from antiquity to the present. It not only covers a broad thematic spectrum, but also includes works characterized by outstanding quality in design and craftsmanship. Focusing on the Middle Ages, the Renais­sance, and the 19th century, the MAKK’s collection is largely the result of private donations. It also includes significant pieces from the 20th and 21st centuries. Danish Jewellery Box includes these themes and more: Form & Function, Status & Power, Ritual & Fetish, Humour & Sarcasm, Decoration & Concept, Narrative & Abstraction, Illusion & Reality, Space & Movement, Identity & Diversity. Catalog courtesy of Petra Hesse, Mette Saabye, and MAKK.

Title: Catalog for Danish Jewellery Box
Author(s): Museum of Arts Cologne
Topic: exhibition catalog
Publication Year: 2020
Institution: Museum of Arts Cologne
Discipline: jewelry
Relevant Country(s): Denmark, Germany, International
Material: mixed media

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