Is Your Contemporary Jewellery Body-Positive?

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Body Positive

This is the gallery sheet listing artists and artwork for Is Your Contemporary Jewellery Body-Positive?, which was organized by TempContemp and on exhibit at Platform Arts, in Djillong/Geelong, Australia, June 3–30, 2023.

If contemporary jewelry is a body site-specific art form, then surely it has to have a stance on body positivity? So, are we body-positive? And what is our responsibility in this discussion?

TempContemp wants to know how the body relates to artists’ work and ideas: Do you consider it? How important is it? What are the choices, compromises, discoveries, and inventions you make to include (or reject) bodies in your practice? Is contemporary jewelry sufficiently inclusive? Is contemporary jewelry unashamedly or unconsciously choosy about the body that wears it?

If contemporary jewelry is about the body, why do we (TC included) instinctively model it on a blank wall or a square, usually white, plinth? If contemporary jewelry is about the body AND about being nonprecious, why lock it away from the bodies behind glass and a paywall?

We’re asking jewelers, artists, makers, thinkers, dabblers, and also collectors and wearers to explore these and more ideas with us through whatever way they relate their thoughts: Jewelry, object, performance, installation, curation, and words.

Title: Is Your Contemporary Jewellery Body-Positive?
Topic: Body positivity
Publication Year: 2023
Relevant Country(s): Australia

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