Jacqueline Mina at 75

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TSG Jacqueline Mina catalogue-1-front cover

The Scottish Gallery is delighted to be representing the eminent jeweler Jacqueline Mina during the Edinburgh International Festival, as part of The Scottish Gallery’s anniversary celebrating 175 years of art. Mina is an important senior figure amongst the gallery’s representation of contemporary jewelers. She had her first solo exhibition with The Scottish Gallery in 1993—it was called “Jacqueline Mina – New Work in Platinum and Gold”—and the gallery has continued to show her innovative work ever since. The gallery is therefore pleased to be celebrating Mina’s continued development of her beautiful jewelry at 75.

Title: Jacqueline Mina at 75
Author(s): The Scottish Gallery
Topic: Jewellery Design
Publication Year: 2017
Institution: The Scottish Gallery
Discipline: Contemporary Jewellery
Relevant Country(s): UK
Material: diamond, gold, platinum

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