Wendy Ramshaw: The Scottish Gallery Collection

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Wendy Ramshaw_The Scottish Gallery Collection-1-front cover

A catalog showcasing The Scottish Gallery’s fantastic collection of works by Wendy Ramshaw.

This publication coincides with The Scottish Gallery partnering with Goldsmiths’ Fair 2018 to mount a special exhibition featuring the pioneering jewelry of Wendy Ramshaw, CBE, RDI. Acclaimed globally as one of the key figures in the British Contemporary Jewellery movement from 1960 onward, Ramshaw produces work that’s instantly recognizable for its signature geometry and skillfully executed design. The Scottish Gallery holds a collection of available works from key periods in Ramshaw’s career, including Picasso’s Ladies, Room of Dreams, and A Journey through Glass. This exhibition provides a glimpse into Ramshaw’s spectacular career and will include her signature “ringsets.”

Title: Wendy Ramshaw: The Scottish Gallery Collection
Author(s): The Scottish Gallery
Topic: Jewellery Design
Publication Year: 2018
Institution: The Scottish Gallery
Discipline: Contemporary Jewellery
Relevant Country(s): UK
Material: ceramic, glass, gold, semi-precious stones, silver

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