Warren Feld

Conquering the Creative Marketplace

How dreams are made between the fickleness of business and the pursuit of jewelry design. A must-read for anyone serious about making money selling jewelry.

So You Want to Be a Jewelry Designer

So You Want to Be a Jewelry Designer reinterprets how to apply techniques and modify art theories from the jewelry designer’s perspective. Reveals how to become a literate and fluent jewelry designer.

Techniques and Technologies

Jewelry-making techniques bring materials together within a composition. Techniques construct the interrelationship among parts so that they preserve a shape, yet still allow the piece of jewelry to move with the person as the jewelry is worn. And techniques manipulate the essence of the whole of the piece so as to convey the artist’s intent …

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Contemporizing Traditional Jewelry

Many people, jewelry designers among them, draw inspiration from traditional jewelry styles. The common inspirational thread here is a feeling of connectedness, coupled with a desire to feel connected. But the core issue for jewelry designers today, striving to achieve jewelry which is more contemporary than merely a replay or reworking of traditional preferences and …

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What Is Jewelry Really?

We create and wear jewelry because we do not want to feel alone. But “not wanting to feel alone” can mean different things to different people. The jewelry artist must have insight here. The artist needs to understand what jewelry really is in order to make successful choices about forms, materials, design elements, inspirations, techniques, …

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ARCHITECTURAL BASICS OF JEWELRY DESIGN Building In The Necessary Support and Structure

Whenever you create a piece of jewelry, it’s important to try to anticipate how your choice of materials, techniques, and technologies might positively or negatively affect how the piece moves and feels (which is called Support) when worn and how its components maintain shape and integrity (called Structure). Toward this end, it’s important to redefine …

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It’s not happenstance that some pieces of jewelry draw your attention, while others do not. It’s the result of an artist fluent in design. That fluency begins with selecting design elements, but it comes to full fruition with the application of principles of composition, construction, and manipulation. This is where the artist flourishes, shows a …


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