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The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design’s brochure for Kadri Mälk’s exhibition Bulldog. In English and Estonian.

So, pick up your pens. Get ready to concentrate. The general plan to reveal—Bulldog. Bulldogs are solitary sociable creatures. They are fine as companions and exhibition participants alike. The bulldog’s ancestors were guard- and fighting dogs in Assyria, Egypt, and Rome. They were bred to be tenacious and to hold onto their victims for as long as possible. Thick skin was important for the animal to feel little to no pain. Bulldogs have also been bred to reduce aggressive tendencies and create a strong-willed, good- intentioned canine. Their foreheads may seem quite high when viewed anteriorly, but this is illusory. Their eyes are set rather far apart, which is the mark of a sensual being. Dark and spherical. A nose that is handsomely large and wide like a homeland. A determined jaw. Very few teeth protrude, especially when the mouth is closed. A deep chest. Stocky and wideset legs. Straight bones. Back legs slightly splayed. As is common for ballerinas.

Title: Buldog
Author(s): Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Kadri Mälk
Topic: Buldog, Bulldog, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, exhibition brochure, Kadri Mälk, museum brochure
Publication Year: 2020
Institution: Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
Discipline: jewelry
Relevant Country(s): Estonia
Material: blood, diamond, gems, iron, silver, wood

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