Lynn Batchelder | Remains

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“Through this work, I research some of the earliest recorded forms of human mark making such as cross-hatching, carving, and engraving, and use these as visual and poetic references in new abstract works. Through painstaking marking, cutting, and collecting, I draw attention to the basic human impulse to record information through permanent acts, and its inherent search for meaning. This investigation results in a range of dualities, outcomes that challenge traditional engraving techniques through more experimental—expressive, and at times aggressive—carving and chiseling, marks that represent the space between carefully cataloging information and the memory of primal actions.” —Lynn Batchelder

Title: Lynn Batchelder | Remains
Author(s): Gallery Loupe
Topic: Lynn Batchelder
Publication Year: 2021
Institution: Gallery Loupe
Discipline: Art Jewellery, art jewelry, Contemporary art jewellery, Contemporary art jewelry, Contemporary Jewellery, Contemporary Jewelry
Relevant Country(s): United States, US, USA
Material: aluminum, paper, silver

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