The jewel 3.0: From Function to the User Experience

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copertina tesi phd

“Il gioiello 3.0: dalla funzione all’User Experience” (The jewel 3.0: From Function to the User Experience) is a PhD thesis by Roberto Zanon. It focuses on the functional jewel with special attention to interaction design referencing wearable technologies, the development and application of industrial technologies, the cycle from discovery to market, interdisciplinary research, and innovation. The main purpose was to demonstrate the role of interaction design in relation to a design that has as its foundation the perspective offered by contemporary jewelry and received by the notion of User Experience linked to the jewel 3.0. In Italian, with numerous images of contemporary art jewelry and wearable objects, among others.

Title: The jewel 3.0: From Function to the User Experience
Author(s): Roberto Zanon
Topic: jewelry design, User Experience
Publication Year: 2016
Institution: Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli
Discipline: design studies
Relevant Country(s): Italy

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