One World | 40 Artists Respond to Covid-19

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Gallery Loupe presents One World: 40 Artists Respond to Covid-19, an online exhibition of pendants inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout history, jewelry has often served as touchstones for health and well-being, charms for good luck, or symbols of faith in a better future. The novel coronavirus, with its fearsome implications and daily inconveniences, has brought the international community to a standstill, confronting us all with a common peril, and thereby illustrating just how interconnected we truly are, and unified we must continually be, to fight this existential threat together.

Title: One World | 40 Artists Respond to Covid-19
Author(s): Gallery Loupe, Toni Greenbaum
Topic: coronavirus, COVID-19
Publication Year: 2020
Discipline: Art Jewellery, art jewelry, Contemporary art jewellery, Contemporary art jewelry, Contemporary Jewellery, Contemporary Jewelry
Relevant Country(s): United States
Material: Various materials

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