Once Upon a Time: Catarina Silva

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Once Upon a Time

The endless mysteries of love, desire and memory make up “Once Upon a Time,” the latest solo exhibition of Catarina Silva. She started by collecting, for a few years, the colored wrappings of chocolates and the next step was to use them in her works. From the ideas already explored by the artist – fantasy, humor and symbology – this new material allows conceptual associations to chocolate itself as a calming but also aphrodisiac nourishment. Therefore, to review these singular roles associated to what is desirable and sometimes forbidden, bring to the present the exact moment of the memory associated to the circumstance in which they were received, tasted and shared. As we know, memory is changeable and transforms itself each time it is revisited and, in this way, Catarina also explores the way we deal with our memories and how we often change them and even confabulate them. This is the exhibition catalog.

Title: Once Upon a Time: Catarina Silva
Author(s): Galeria Tereza Seabra
Topic: art jewelry
Publication Year: 2023
Institution: Galeria Tereza Seabra
Discipline: art jewelry
Relevant Country(s): Portugal
Material: diamond, foil from chocolates, gold, silver, Stainless Steel

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