Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography

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The Museum of Arts and Design presented “Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography” in 2014. This groundbreaking exhibition was the first to examine the union of contemporary jewelry and the photographic image. The exhibition and its accompanying catalog demonstrated the creative possibilities that result from hybrid practices. Photography and jewelry each have their own histories, technical repertoires, and theoretical implications. “Multiple Exposures” showed how each of these mediums is informed and enlarged by an engagement with the other. The works included, both historical pieces and recent creations by over 80 international art jewelers, suggest the richness of this encounter. The examples selected for the exhibition and this catalog traverse a remarkably wide range, from traditional and even sentimental formats (such as the locket) to entirely new formats afforded by digital technology.

Title: Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography
Author(s): Ursula Ilse-Neuman
Topic: art history, jewelry history, photography
Publication Year: 2014
Institution: Officina Libraria and Museum of Arts and Design
Discipline: art history, jewelry history, photography
Relevant Country(s): International

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