Trace Collectors

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Everything around us has been touched, used, cracked, broken—evidence that reveals an object’s existence ​and experience. Min Jae Eom creates simple surfaces and forms that, when carried on the body, slowly gather traces of the wearer. The marks that are collected through these time-based works are not simply scratches, dents, and stains; rather, they become a witness, a form of archive embodying the history and coexistence between user and object. These truly unique traces share a memory with the wearer, accumulating sentimental value and highlighting the most overlooked and intimate forms of contact. This is a self-publication of Eom’s SUNY New Paltz MFA thesis work.

Title: Trace Collectors
Author(s): Min Jae Eom
Topic: Archive, contemporary jewelry, Kintsugi, Mark Making, Time-Based Art, Value
Publication Year: 2020
Institution: SUNY New Paltz - MFA Thesis
Discipline: Contemporary Jewelry, metalsmithing
Relevant Country(s): South Korea, United States

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