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Contexts and Groundings in Black Jewels

The exhibition Divine Legacies in Black Jewelry is currently on view at the Metal Museum, in Memphis, TN, US, through September 12, 2021. It focuses on exploring and presenting histories and legacies in Black jewelry while working to introduce viewers to different names and personalities connected to the field. In this self-interview, exhibition curator LaMar Gayles, …

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In Conversation with Diana Pardue

The Heard Museum aims to be the world’s preeminent museum for the presentation, interpretation, and advancement of American Indian art, emphasizing its intersection with broader artistic and cultural themes. Founded in 1929, the institution presents the stories of American Indian people from a first-person perspective, collaborating with Native American artists and tribal communities to provide …

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Love Jönsson on Smyckoteket (Jewelibrary)

Besides books, some libraries lend framed reproductions of art for their patrons to hang in their homes. Subscription services loan designer clothing and purses, as well as scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry, for a monthly or per-item fee. Other companies specialize in renting out high-end jewelry and luxury timepieces. The Danish Arts Foundation, meanwhile, loans pieces …

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In Conversation with Erato Kouloubi and Niki Stylianou

With its fourth iteration just completed, Athens Jewelry Week (AJW) 2019 had its biggest, most complex year yet. Originally, AJW was intended to bring contemporary jewelry and Greek makers together to expand horizons and exchange ideas. What started as an intimate showcase of Greek jewelers has grown into a large-scale international event, “open to every …

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