Month: June 2009

Allie Farlow in Conversation

Susan Cummins interviewed Allie Farlowe in 2008. Farlowe was, at that time, assistant curator at the Mint Museum of Craft + Design in North Carolina, United States. Susan Cummins: Tell us something about your background and your role at the Mint Museum.

Collector Susan Beech

In 2009 Susan Beech attended SOFA NY wearing a necklace by Ruudt Peters called Lingam. A sexually provocative piece and a show-stopper, it drew many responses from those around her. And Susan loved every minute of it. ‘I did enjoy people’s expressions, not wanting to stare but unable to help themselves.’

EAA Winner 2008

Trish Rodimer: Congratulations, Masumi, on being named the Art Jewelry Forum Emerging Artist for 2008. There was a high level of competency exhibited by the entrants this year, but the jurors felt that your work distinguished itself. We are interested in your thoughts about your work. Masumi Kataoka: I am interested in emphasizing the intimate …

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From Hand to Hand: Passing on Skill and Know How in European Contemporary Jewellery

What was the sound of the front door slamming? What kind of imprint would your living-room carpet leave on your naked knees? How did your mother smell when she left Saturday night for a party? These are some of the assignments that Iris Eichenberg gives her students so that through childhood memories they might gain insight into their obsessions and develop them into an artistic language.

Masters: Gold – Major Works by Leading Artists

It is said that Arctic peoples have one hundred words for snow. There could easily be that many words to describe the gold jewelry in Masters: Gold: Major Works by Leading Artists. At first glance the 40 featured jewelers have little to connect them, other than their extraordinary facility with the precious material. Internationally known artists such as Wendy Ramshaw and Bruno Martinazzi are rightfully included, but there are many pleasant surprises as well that make this book well worth looking for.

Kevin Coates: A Hidden Alchemy – Goldsmithing: Jewels and Tablepieces

Kevin Coates calls himself a ‘ghost whisperer’ and he’s right. The jewelry, table ornaments and drawings of this British artist carry a unique message of fantasy and enchantment, coupled with a Cellini-like mastery of goldsmithing techniques. Dr Elizabeth Goring and Dr Helen Clifford contribute thoughtful and detailed analyses of Coates’s creative processes and passions, including …

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Adorn: New Jewelry

With over 400 images by nearly 200 artists, there is a lot to look at in Adorn: New Jewelry by Amanda Mansell. The book’s chapters are organized by jewelry type (rings, brooches, etc.) with a short introduction for each section. The jewelers represented are mostly young and European, many of whom attended the Royal College of Art in London. There are only a handful of United States jewelers featured.

The Fat Booty of Madness: The Goldsmithing Class at Munich Art Academy

If there’s one word I would disagree with in the title of this book, it would be ‘madness.’ This weighty volume (519 pages) with its black and white comic book-style cover is in fact an exciting tribute to the serious, fun, dangerous and voluptuously varied work of 77 past and present students of Otto Künzli, …

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